Boulder Albarracín

What is Bouldering

Bouldering is Climbing without a rope or harness in a lower height (up to 6 meters). You need very few equipment for Bouldering. Only Climbing Shoes, Chalkbag and a Crashpad (a mat that prevents injuries from falls). The length of the climb is quite short and as a result the difficulties are more concentrated. A higher level of strength and technique is needed than on a Sportclimbing route. But because of the uncomplicated nature of Bouldering it is very easy to develop these skills in a short time. Therefore many Climbers see Bouldering as the perfect Training for Sportclimbing. For us it is more than just Training. It is a way to learn new movements and techniques in a relaxed and playful way. And it makes lots of fun!

About Albarracín

In Albarracín you have over 1700 different Boulderproblems to choose from. You will find Problems in all kind of climbingstyles. From vertical faces or slabs to bulges and roofs, there is nothing you will not find here. In general its a bit easier to find a solution for the boulders than in "Fontainebleau" (the world famous area close to Paris,France). As a result Albarracín is perfectly suited for beginners or routeclimbers without much bouldering experience. The landing zones are mostly very good but sometimes you have to be a bit carefull. Nonetheless the area is one of the best to go with children as there are few ledges where someone could fall down. The village itself is a Unesco world heritage and has a special atmosphere which is not only for Boulderers very attractive but as well for Tourists. Here you can find good restaurants, bars and shops. Furthermore there is a bouldering shop in town which is called "Sofa Boulders".
You can either drive here by yourself with a car or fly to the Airport of Valencia. From the Airport we pick you up and drive the 200km together to Albarracìn. Another option is to drive with us from Siurana to Albarracín.
We will sleep in a Hostel close to the village. There we can enjoy breakfast every morning. The Accommodation and the breakfast is included in the price

Duration of the Workshop

This Boulder workshop is planned for one week (7 days). Restdays you have to plan yourself. Everyone has to listen to their own body and take as much rest as they need. Needless to say, there is neither an obligation to do restdays or to go bouldering. 😉

Content of the Workshop

  • How to boulder safely
  • Bouldering tactics
  • Techniques that help you in Sandstoneboulders
  • projecting Boulderproblems and climb them
  • Flashing - Do Boulderproblems the first try

Booking - Boulder Workshop

Reserve now your place in this workshop in Albarracín

What is included in the price?

  • as much Coaching and advice as you want
  • Airport pickup service from Valencia or Siurana
  • Transportation to the rock and back
  • Accommodation in a hostel
  • Crashpads

What is not included in the price?

  • you have to bring your own climbing shoes
  • meals and food
  • the costs for the flight or if you come with your own car