Do you want to do a Multipitch Climb close to Barcelona?

In the "magic mountain" called Montserrat there is a huge amount of rock, spectacular views and breathtaking landscapes for more than a lifetime. With us you can enjoy a full climbing day up on the mountain and climb on top of one of its most icons rock spires like the Cavall Bernat or the Gorro Frigi. This activity is for beginner climbers equally fitted than for advanced climbers and the maximum amount of participants is 2 climbers.


¿Which routes can we do in Montserrat?

The most recommendable areas and routes in Montserrat are:

  • Gorros - Vía Carles 5c (Gorro Frigi), Rantanplan 5a (Magdalena Inf.), 98 Octans 6a (Magdalena Sup)
  • Northface - Punsola Reniu 5b/A0 (Cavall Bernat)
  • Southface - Sol Solet 4c/Escabroni Escapullini 5b (Miranda de Can Jorba)

Depending on your experience, climbing level and ambition, we will choose a route that fits you perfectly so that you can enjoy your day with us as much as possible.




Private Guiding - flexible Date

1 participant                                          240 €

2 participants                                        140 €


Included in the price

  • A full day of multipitch climbing with a lot of learning, new experiences, lots of tips and unique experiences
  • All the material that is necessary for the activity (Helmet, harness, ropes etc.)
  • Nice photos of you during the activity
  • Accident Insurance for the activity
  • Certified climbing guide

Not included in the price

  • The transport. You can reach Montserrat in half an hour from Barcelona with a private car or by public transport (we can pick you up at the train station).
  • Accommodation (optional)
  • Food and Drinks
  • Costs of the parking and the cable car (optional)


We offer this activity all year round, and you can choose your preferred date. For that, you have to contact us via Email or Whatsapp and we confirm your date in less than 24 hours.

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Material list - What to bring for your multipitch climb

  • Hiking shoes, approach shoes
  • climbing shoes
  • Some Snacks and water
  • Sun cream
  • Breathable sport clothes
  • rain jacket, warm jacket(depending on the season)
  • Backpack(20l)
  • Mobile phone