Inclusion and support - Some women may feel less confident or unsafe in mixed climbing groups. Women's climbing courses create a supportive and welcoming environment where women are able to develop without pressure.

Individual needs - Women can have different physical and technical needs in climbing. Classes specifically tailored to women can address these needs and provide targeted instruction and exercises.

Mentorship and role models - Women's climbing camps allow women to learn from and identify with female climbing experts. This can help create climbing role models and increase confidence.

Community Building - Women Only Climbing Camps promote building a strong community of female climbers where experiences and knowledge can be shared. This can increase motivation and promote long-term commitment to climbing.

Booking - Climbing camp

Book your spot into this climbing course

What is included in the price

  • You get as much coaching as you want. By the end of the course, there should be no questions left unanswered. We want you to be confident in what you have learned here with us.
  • Climbing Siurana provides you with all the climbing equipment you need for the course(harness, helmets, ropes etc.), except for climbing shoes.
  • All the transportation cost from the accommodation to the rock and back is included. Furthermore, we offer a free shuttle transfer from Reus or Tarragona to Siurana when you arrive and when you leave.
  • We will take nice climbing pictures of you and the group. By the end of the course, you can take these with you as a souvenir.

What is not included in the price

  • Your costs for the travel are not included. If you don't know how to get to Siurana and how we can help you, check our site How to get to Siurana
  • The accommodation is not included. However, you have the chance to book it additionally. You can choose between cheaper options like camping and more expensive options like an apartment.
  • You have to bring your own climbing shoes.
  • Food is not included in the price. There is the option to go shopping together on your arrival day. There are many shops and restaurant in Cornudella de Montsant and Siurana where you can get your meals.

Dates - When does the climbing camp take place?

We offer this camp many times per year and always from Monday to Friday. In our calendar, you can see the upcoming dates.