Content of this Climbingcourse

During our Multipitch Camp we will show you how to climb safely and efficient through a longer route. Together we will learn the necesary techniques and strategies and put them to test during the 5 days in different multipitch climbs up to 250m length . We will visit different climbing areas around Siurana to experience the different rocktypes that Catalunya has to offer.

The following topics are part of the Climbingcamp:

  • Building anchors
  • Double-rope technique
  • planing of multipitch routes
  • Rappeling (abseiling) from longer routes
  • Placements of mobile protection devices (Cams, Nuts and Slings)
  • Selfrescue (ascending a rope, lowering a partner)

Course requierments

Leadclimb 5c (french) on rock


required material for the course

Backpack (20 - 30 l), climbingshoes, suitable approachshoes (click here for some examples), rainjacket, warm and suitable outdoor clothes, sleepingbag, suncream, waterbottle, headtorch

upcoming dates


21.09. - 25.09.2020

Details of the week

The day of arrival should be on the weekend before the course starts. We start the course on Monday Morning in Siurana. Of course we will help you with the organisation of your travel. If you want to learn about how to get to Siurana you can follow this link:  How to get to Siurana

The first three days of our Climbing Camp we will stay in the area around Siurana and on Thursday we will drive together to Montserrat (next to Barcelona). We will spend the last two days climbing at the amazing conglomerat towers of Montserrat and spend a night there in the local climbers campground. On Friday after climbing you could either catch a train to Barcelona or the airport (from "Monistrol de Montserrat"), or come back with us to Siurana. If you want to stay longer in Barcelona or Siurana you should look for accommodation for the additional days.

Day 1

  • Welcoming of the group in Siurana
  • Climbing and belaying as a team of two or three in Multipitch routes
  • Double-rope technique
  • building anchors with bolts
  • rappeling/abseiling


Day 2

  • climbing a multipitch in Montsant (next to Siurana)
  • practise the techniques learned on day 1
  • building an anchor with pitons and/or mobile protection
  • comunication during the climb


Day 3

  • Climb a granite-multipitch in the area "Castelfollit"
  • placement of mobile protection devices (friends, nuts and slings)
  • Escape from a climb
  • routeplanning for the two following days

Day 4

  • drive together to Montserrat (Barcelona))
  • Climb a route on the fantastic conglomerat towers of this area
  • learning some basic self rescue techniques
  • spending the night in Montserrat and planning the following day

Day 5

  • climb a longer route in Montserrat
  • practise of the techniques we learned
  • driveback to Monistrol de Montserrat (train to Barcelona) or to Siurana

Reservation - Climbingcamp

Reserve now your spot for this climbingcourse.

What is included in the price?

  • You get as much coaching as you want. By the end of the course there should be no questions left unanswered. We want you to be confident in what you have learned here with us.
  • Climbing Siurana provides you with all the climbing equipment you need for the course(harness, helmets, ropes etc.), except for climbing shoes. Shoes can be rented in the local climbing shop for 4 € a day.
  • 5 nights of accommodation in Cornudella de Montsangt (Siurana) and Montserrat are included. You will sleep in rooms with multiple beds (Refugio) and the last night we will spend on the climberscamping in Montserrat and sleep in a tent under the rocks. If you wish a singlebedroom we can provide this for you for an additional fee.
  • All the transportation cost from the accommodation to the rock and back is included. Furthermore we offer a free shuttle transfer from Reus or Tarragona to Siurana when you arrive and when you leave.
  • We will take nice climbing pictures of you and the group. By the end of the course you can take these with you as a souvenir.

What is not included in the price

  • Your costs for the travel are not included. But we offer a shuttle service from Reus/Tarragona to Siurana for free How to get to Siurana
  • You have to bring your own Climbing shoes or rent them here for 4€ a day.
  • Food is not included in the price. There is the option to go shopping together on your arrival day. There are many shops and restaurants in Cornudella de Montsant and there is the option to cook in the accommodation.
  • Everything that we list under "requiered material" is not included in the price.