Do we continue with our climbing camps during the time of the Corona Virus?

Of course! If the goverment permits us to do so, we will continue offering our services to you.

What happens if there are travel restrictions that don´t allow the course to take place?

If there are any travel restrictions in place we have to cancel the climbing weeks unfortunatly. In this case we have agreed to refund 100% of the course fees. Our Payment partner Wetravel has a special refund policy that freezes all the deposits payed so a refund will always be possible.

What measurments do you take to keep the participants safe?

During the course we wear facemasks whenever it is possible. During the climbing you can take your mask off and for the instruction we will keep a safety distance. Furthermore we will desinfect our hands on a regular base. We are trying our best to keep you safe during our climbing camps.



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